Protect Yourself from Penny Stock Fraud


Stock Market Tip: Protect Yourself from Penny Stock Fraud There are ways to protect yourself from these pump and dump scams though. Make sure the newsletters deliver good stock market trading tips. And of course, do some research. Read all about the company before you start trading. Read the press releases and make sure the writer is not being paid by the company. Read the financial statements. Read the charts. Read everything you can find. Although, some people can profit off of the pump and dump newsletters, you just have to know which stocks are being pumped and dumped.

Use the stock newsletters with fake money for a while. Don’t start using real money until you know the newsletter has truly good current stock market tips and tricks. Use fake money until you can consistently make profit using the newsletter. So, keep shopping around the newsletters until you find a great one. Use the fake money with all of them, don’t get hasty, be patient. There are good free newsletters too, you just must find them! However, they do say you get what you pay for, so beware. Although, there are indeed good free ones out there with free stock market tips and hot penny stocks.

I want to mention that research is very important again. However, sometimes you just don’t have enough time. Although, I don’t like to make excuses. To be good at anything you have to work hard. You have to research as much as possible, which I have mentioned many times I know, I just think it is essential. Try to read as many penny stocks books and stock market books as you can. So, work hard, and use the newsletter to your advantage. Let me know of any great ones you find or if you know of any stock market tips to save time. Sharing is caring, right? J Good luck in finding the right penny stocks newsletter for you! Have fun buying penny stocks!